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Important Notes:

Nepal has different kinds of temperatures due to 4 main seasons with some geographical aspects. Geographically, Nepal has divided into 3 different levels i.e. Terai region, the Hilly region, Mountain Region based on the altitude. The tentative elevation of the Terai region is 700-1000 meters, 1,500 – 2,700 meters for the Hilly region, and after 3,000-meter altitude Mountain region. As it is not so followed particularly. However, the temperature would be different as per the geographical category. Similarly, we have mentioned the 4 best seasons in Nepal to make your travel.

Autumn Season (September- November)
September, October & November is the best time to visit Nepal. It is winter in Nepal and the temperature would be around 10-18 degrees Celsius. During this month, you mostly have very clear weather and can able to see the excellent view of Mountains.

Winter Season ( December- February)
This season starts in December to February. During this time frame, you are likely to have temperatures around 1-8 degrees celsius in low elevation places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, or other city areas. However, the temperature could reach -1 to -8 degrees celsius in the mountain areas. Please note- all three months has not the same climate, as January month could be colder comparatively.

Spring Season (March-May)
It has March, April & May, which is the spring season in Nepal. The temperature will be around 23-26 degrees Celcius during this time frame. You will have moderate & clear weather in the spring and can able to see the excellent view of the Mountains & places.

Summer Season (June- August)
June, July, and August are considered as the Summer season and it is also called Monsoon in Nepal, as you will get the maximum temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius in most of the tourist cities area and low elevation areas. You will mostly feel cloudy weather, raining, and slippery & muddy roads during this time frame.