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“Please Note: we will be providing a porter for every 2 clients (1:2 ratio) & porter will carry the luggage approx 22Kg. So, please keep your luggage lightweight as possible.”

Concerning the trekking gears checklist, below mentioned the required equipment for trekking which you can buy in your hometown. In case, if you could not able to get those gears in your city, our team will help you in buying all the necessary items in the shop in Kathmandu. As you will have a bunch of options over here with different brands as well as local brands too.

Basic Trekking Gears List:

Trekking Pants, Trekking Shirt, Thermal Innerwear, Woolen Cap, Trekking Boots, Sunglasses, Trekking Hat, Trekking Pole, Altitude Watch, BackPack, Weatherproof Jacket,  Water Bottle, Water Purifier, Sunblock cream, Medicine, Toiletries- Toothbrush/paste, Multipurpose soap, Nail cutter, tiny mirror

Supporting Trekking Gears:

Sleeping Bag, Sleepers, Head tourch, Luggage lock, Scarf, Sleeping Liner, Wet wipes /Tissues / Toilet paper, Hand Gloves, Notebook