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Nepal Adventure Activity Paragliding in Nepal

Adventure activities in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal 1 Days / 1 Nights   |   Max : 1600meter

Paragliding in Nepal is the best adventure activity for adventure seekers and we can do it in from different location of Nepal. It can be truly wonderful and fulfilling experience

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$ 120 / 7000 INR
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Everest Mountain Flight- Nepal

Everest Mountain Flight- Nepal 1 Days / 1 Nights   |   Max : 7620m/25000ft

Everest Mountain Flight- If you are doing Nepal cultural tour only during your stay in Nepal. By having limited vacation days and still would like to have Mountains view experience

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$ 250 / 11500 INR
$ 240 / 11000 INR Last Minute Offer